Avoiding “Friendly Fire”

“Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments. 

You know they cause quarrels.“

2 Timothy 2:23

 Have you ever been watching a news program and heard that a soldier has been killed by friendly fire?  In case you are not savvy, the term is used for someone who has been attacked by a person in their own company.  That would be so odd when you think about it.  However, if you were to look at this subject from a spiritual perspective, these types of attacks happen a million times a day!!  Does that sound crazy or even outrageous?  It isn’t.  As a matter of fact, the number of times it happens may be gravely understated.  Right now, I am sure I have you baffled, but continue reading and it will all come together.

Friendly fire happens when a wife and her husband argue about leaving the cap off of the toothpaste.  It can also take place when she steps into the bathroom and finds the toilet paper turned in the wrong direction. Two people may be traveling in a car together , but the person in the driver’s seat makes a wrong turn.  It doesn’t take long until the bickering begins. This is a form of “friendly fire” that is carried out every day. The reason for the discord may seem trivial and trite, but these quarrels happen so often, it is extremely hard to keep track.

This is the type of assault the Bible tells us that can be avoided if we stay away from such petty confrontations.  Some of us are so critical about some issues.  My husband and his family had the unfortunate task of witnessing an argument between my mother and I.  The trifling issue was whether an earlier even had happened at 3:12 or 3:15 in the afternoon.  This type of discord is not pleasing to the Lord!  It is nearly unthinkable!  Before David became King, he had to ward off attacks from King Saul only because he became jealous. Do we really want to hurt and injure people we love over such harmless issues?  Living in turmoil over such petty issues is ludicrous!  Pick your battles over such trivial matters.  God desires us to live in peace and love one another.  Forget the “friendly fire” and think carefully before you decide to make such a big issue about such tiny matters.

Be Blessed,

Cindy Simpson~Hembree

Find The Blessing- Give It Value

“It is God’s blessings that make man rich.”

Proverbs 10:22

At first I wasn’t sure why the Lord was moving me to post this blog.  This is not what I had in mind when I sat down to type this out. I was going to do a blog about something TOTALLY different.  But I realized, this is now the month of November. Thanksgiving is celebrated in November, so now I understand. As this title of this blog suggests – EVERYTHING has VALUE.  That is something we fail to consider most of the time.  We take so much for granted.  The water we drink; the car we drive; the clothes we wear; the food we eat; the air that we breathe; our health; even our own personal lives!!  We have forgotten to take stock in the blessings we are given!  We constantly complain about what we DON’T have or things that aren’t “working out the way WE want them to go.  But now is the time to begin to take inventory.  Start looking at what you DO have or the things that took a “positive turn” and grow from there.  I believe you will be surprised and find you are on top of the game and lacking little to nothing.

Something that I have found throughout my life is that sometimes the blessings that we obtain are not so obvious. When the Lord used Moses to release the Hebrew people out from under the rule of Pharaoh, God sent them on a road that was less traveled.  God knew that if He sent them on the shortest and quickest route, they would encounter an opposing tribe and army.  That meant they would have to go to battle.  Some of the Hebrew people would have gotten discouraged and wanted to go back to Egypt.  That is not what God wanted for them, so He sent them on a longer route, but there would be no battle.  That was a blessing to the Hebrew people!

During the holocaust, a Christian Netherland woman named Corrie ten Boom, along with her parents and siblings, were arrested by the German Nazi Gestapo for harboring Jewish people in their home and taking part in an underground railroad.  This woman was quite accomplished in her own right, at the time of her arrest.  She was the first female watchmaker to ever be licensed in the Netherlands; she taught a Bible class to teenage girls; she was also a teacher to the children who were mentally challenged.  None of this seemed to matter when she was held in the concentration camps for her crime.  In her book, The Hiding Place, she wrote that she was grateful for the lice in her hair.  While we may cringe at the thought, we wonder why she would be grateful for something so creepy.  The German soldiers had a disdain & phobia for the little critters crawling around and wanted nothing to do with them.  So, while they had tendencies to beat, rape and accost the women prisoners, they would pass on the ones who were afflicted with lice.  To most people, having lice would be a great grievance, but to the ten Boom women this was a great blessing!

My husband and I had been given possession of a church building in the final years of the 20th century.  We used that building to begin having a church.  Just shy of the 20 year mark the city was approached by a group of people who claimed they could and would refurbish that building within 6 months, but the catch was they wanted possession of the building.  So, long story short, the city, under new council, sold the building out from underneath us.  At first we were stammered.  But once we were out, we knew the Lord had more work for us to do.  We no longer had a church but our ministry began to take off.  I wrote a book – The Secret Weapons HIdden In God’s Light  – which is very successful; we are going into other places we had not thought of going into previously; we are on the internet; we are able to travel more; I am in the middle of writing another book; we are reaching and ministering to more people now than when we had the church!  At first, the incident did not feel like a blessing.  We initially did not see it, but HALLELUJAH!  It is an INCREDIBLE blessing!!

Look, I am sure if the Hebrew people wanted to, they could have started GRUMBLING about having to go the long way around, they could have, but they didn’t have to go to battle.  Corrie ten Boom could have grumbled about being in the concentration camp and having lice in her hair, but she was grateful for them because they were a blessing.  We could have grumbled about the church being jerked out of our hands, but we knew God wasn’t done with us.  We just had to wait and see what He had in store for us once we no longer had to pay for the overhead and upkeep of the building.  That was a REAL blessing!


Hope you have an abundant and happy harvest season!!

Until next time . . .

Many Blessings to You from

Vessels Of Light Ministries

Be Thankful







Actions Speak Volumes

O sons of men, how long will my honor and glory be [turned into] shame? How long will you [my enemies] love worthless (vain, futile) things and seek deception and lies? Selah.

Psalm 4:2

How many times in your life have you heard someone call out God’s name when they were not praying, and you or heard someone else tell that person not to take God’s name in vain?  Or maybe YOU are the one that constantly calls out God’s name and are told that you are guilty of “taking the LORD’s name in vain.”  For the longest time, I could not figure out why the LORD would be mad at the fact that someone would call out HIS name, and consider it a sin!?!?!  This just did not make sense to me!  Even now, it is becoming an aggravation knowing that people would instill this misconception in the mind of many, only because they do not understand what the concept of what “taking the Lord’s name in vain” truly entails.

When reading Proverbs 30:7-9, the author tells God that he only has one request  for he Lord.  The request is that the LORD doesn’t allow him to be too rich to the point that the man doesn’t rely on God.  The second part of the request was not to let the author to be too poor, that he should have to steal to eat, and TAKE THE LORD’s NAME IN VAIN.

What was that???!!??  Did we see that right?  If so, that means that if we are doing things that do not line up with what the Word of God instructs us to do and call ourselves Christians, or children of God, then we are taking the Lord’s name in vain!  I know of several Christian people who are employed in construction and labor jobs, who tell me they would much rather work for NON-Christians than they would Christians.  Why?  Because the Christians do not want to pay for the labor that has been done for them so they either pick the laborers work apart to where they pay hardly anything; or they claim the work was not what they wanted and refuse to pay for it.  I have known of some to agree to the terms of the work contract, then after the work is done, they tell the person, the LORD wants them to BLESS them so they will not have to pay for it!!  REALLY??

There are other things that some people do while CLAIMING to be Christians.  Things that are ABSOLUTELY not pleasing to the Lord.  I have seen Christian brothers and sisters are backstabbing each other.  We have had people come to our church claiming they want to be in the Lord’s service and clean the church.  When we come in the following Sunday, we find that these people who have gained our trust by coming to the church for a while, instead of cleaning up the church, they cleaned the church out!!  Toilet paper, money, food from the pantry, kitchen utensils and many other items were missing.  Calling themselves Christians who are not living a godly lifestyle is an INSULT to the Lord, because that is definitely NOT how God would want us to conduct ourselves.  So, just to be clear, this is TAKING THE LORD’S NAME IN VAIN.  The actions of someone calling themselves a Christian SPEAKS VOLUMES!

Until next time . . . Be blessed!

Cindy Simpson-Hembree


Proverb 30.7-9






The Fog Has Lifted

                        To  start  being wise  you  must  first  get  wisdom.                     No   matter  what  it  costs, get understanding.

Proverbs 4:7


I must apologize for my extended hiatus that I have taken.  It was unexpected, and it came in like a tidal wave.  Actually, more like a tsunami.  One incident happened, and the recovery did not go as well as expected.  Then a couple of mishaps trampled in without warning.  These were soon followed be a horrendous tragedy in our area that took an incredible toll on the entire population.  Then, there were a couple more unpleasant events that happened to us personally.  All of these things were just combined with the frustration of the lack of recuperation of the first event.  It has just been one struggle after another.   So within the confines of the rubble, I kind of lost my sense of direction.  And my focus got really fuzzy.  And I allowed my peace to slip away from me for a minute.

I was allowing all these things to come down on me like horrendous waves constantly crashing in and relentlessly chiseling away at my foundation!  Soon I found myself mourning for all the things I was losing and not being grateful for everything I had left.  This was posing a BIG problem in my everyday life.  I was alienating myself from all of my friends and family.   And slowly, I found myself being pulled into a very dark place!  I finally realized I was drifting down a stream that was taking me to a place I did NOT want to go.  I knew the devil was behind all of this “stinking thinking,” and I knew I had to turn the boat around and paddle against the current.

I may not have known why all these things were happening, but I did know that God says in His Word that if we keep our focus on Him, He will keep us in “PERFECT PEACE” (Isaiah 26:3).  And when we ask for wisdom, He will give it to us (James 1:5).  I have a really close relationship with my Father in Heaven, and I had been talking to Him about all my woes!  He was listening and I knew He was holding me close, and many people who loved me were praying for me.  What I was NOT doing was FIGHTING the train of thought.  Finally, I pulled the emergency brake cord, jumped off and began moving in the opposite direction!  That is when I saw the light that the devil had been using all of these things to drain me of the joy I could only find in the LORD!  I made a decision that I am not going to let the devil have one more day, one more hour, one more minute. . . not even a second longer.  I belong to the LORD, and in His presence is FULLNESS of JOY!  (Psalm 16:11)  That is where I am staying.

Good Lord Willing, I will posting another blog soon!!

Until then, Be Blessed.


Psalm 118.24-5


Are You Counting The Blessings Of Others?

                                        “A faithful man will abound with blessings,SELRES_01ff8e8e-c0ee-488d-af4f-1a94f1740e77SELRES_429ea1c6-7059-461e-a54a-e3133f156961SELRES_678ae898-f4e5-44aa-a445-9f2d21ae76a3,                               BSELRES_678ae898-f4e5-44aa-a445-9f2d21ae76a3SELRES_429ea1c6-7059-461e-a54a-e3133f156961SELRES_01ff8e8e-c0ee-488d-af4f-1a94f1740e77ut he who makes haste to be rich will not go unpunished.”

Proverbs 28:20

Lately, our finances have not met the usual expectations.  The tithing has been extremely low because the summer calls for people to use their money for their vacations.  Or they have family gatherings, that means they are not attending our weekly meetings.   Yet the demands of the ministry the last couple of years have been stronger than ever!  As a matter of fact, there has been such a drain on the finances that they are nearly depleted.  This is none of your affair or problem, and this is NOT a plea for anyone to send any funding to us.  I do not want anyone to get the wrong idea.  I just want to share the thought process of a pastor when things get so uncomfortably lean.

We are an extremely small ministry.  People call us all the time needing their groceries, diapers, gasoline for their vehicles, places to spend the night while in transition, or their utility bills paid.  When we saw our funds dwindling, we knew God was going to bring in the finances to replenish them, it was only going to be a matter of time.  From time to time we get a little bit of a boost, but it is not nearly what “we consider” is enough.  However, the Lord seems to meet our bills EVERY month, so He continues to prove He is faithful.  We just aren’t having the luxury of having any extra.  So our thoughts go from one extreme to the other.  It first starts out very optimistic.  Then, we start to think that maybe we are not doing God’s will and He is punishing us.  When we check our hearts and spirits and we get a smile from our Heavenly Father, we know we are doing EXACTLY what the Lord is calling us to do.  Then we get caught up in our flesh.  We begin to compare our financial situation to how the other ministries in the area APPEAR to be faring.

When we look at some of the other ministries in the area, they are building new additions on their churches; a couple of them are buying new jets; others have new vehicles and moving into new homes.  We are working just as hard if not harder and yet it just doesn’t seem fair!  Then it hits us that we have fallen into the trap of the devil.  We begin to covet things that our “neighbors” have attained.  It is at this time we begin to come to our senses.  We realize what we are doing is a sin (Deut. 5:21), and we repent.  We take the vain imaginations captive and we reel in our faith.  We remind ourselves the Lord has ALWAYS provided for us and we are lacking NOTHING!  Then, we start taking inventory of our blessings which FAR OUT WEIGH the things we consider to be our sorrows.  This, immediately, carries the fear and feeling of lack right out of our minds.  We start praising the Lord and fill our hearts with gratefulness.

It never benefits us to compare ourselves to others.  Being envious of people around us will trap us in the snare of the devil EVERY single time!  So please beware of the anguish this can cause.  The Lord brings and blesses us with joy, don’t let the enemy steal it with a covetous spirit.  Counting your own blessings and not those of others will keep us on the righteous path and in a state of contentment.  If we keep our focus on the Lord, He will keep us in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3).  When we do this, we find that we have TREASURES untold, treasures that are PRICELESS!  Treasures the world will NEVER be able to attain.  Be content with what the Lord has given us and know that the Lord will NEVER leave you (Hebrews 13:5).

Be Blessed,

Cindy Simpson~Hembree

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